Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Second Life

So Lauren and explored second life together and it wasn't that bad. We went to an exotic garden and met a couple of guys who were from Italy. Then we went to a furniture/art gallery and checked out some works. My favorite part was when we ended up at a club/carnival that looked like San Francisco. I wondered around and found a piano to play but it wasn't interactive enough for me but it made for a good snapshot. I lost my internet connection and when I came back I found Lauren dancing on a stripper pole. I also ended up somewhere strange where two really geeky guys were talking all about resing and they had created old arcade games and were so excited about second life. I was happy to get back to neware and reenter the real world. I now see why people love second life. Maybe in the future I will create an art gallery for myself but I don't feel an immediate need for it.

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